PubTrawlr is now over two times better

Spread the science

Let’s hit the talking points once again.

Science is a public good.

You, yes you, our reader, have a right to the information that is produced by researchers (nearly always funded with public funds). There is a moral imperative for us to do the best we can for people by using the best possible strategies.

We do this by providing a more effective way to synthesize large amounts of articles.

We want science to be more accessible.

We do this through our visualizations, our summarization, and how how we connect search to startegies that have been vetted by community-based organizations. This helps them to be more easily implementable.

And, it’s a given that we want PubTrawlr to be a better product

So, as of last night, we’ve upped the number of articles that you get from our quick search to 250. That’s over double what you used to get. Now, it’s easier than ever to get snapshot of your search terms or specific field.

What does this mean? Better trend data; better clustering, more robust results.

Further, to help with the waiting time, we’ve added email notifications to the quick search, so you can close the tab and more on to other things. Like maybe this site:

How far are we talking this in the future?

Pretty far! We have a laundry list of improvements and enhancements that our analysis and engineer team are actively working on. Do you have suggestions for us? Well, go ahead and reach out at

There’s no point in doing any of this if it isn’t meaningful for people.

You can help us make it meaningful. And together, we get the quality over 9000.

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