What is Public Health?

Public health research looks at how to improve the health and happiness of large groups of people. It involves studying health issues that affect whole communities or nations, not just individuals. This research covers many areas, like preventing diseases, promoting health, and making sure everyone has access to good healthcare.

Public health experts use data to spot health trends, understand risks, and create plans that help everyone live healthier lives. Their work supports policies and programs that aim to stop diseases, encourage healthy choices, and provide equal healthcare opportunities.

At This Week in Public Health, we do more than share information. We want to make every encounter with science exciting and inspiring. With constant new research, it can be tough to stay current. We simplify and highlight important studies for you, turning complex information into engaging and inspiring insights. We’re here to make your journey through science enlightening and continuously captivating.

Bridging the Research-Application Divide

Public health research is important, but it often takes a long time for new discoveries to be used in real life. Surprisingly, it can take about 17 years for research findings to be widely adopted, and only about 14% of these findings reach the people who need them most. This delay impacts everyone, from students to healthcare businesses, to patients who miss out on newer treatments because healthcare providers might not know about them.

This gap is mainly because scientific papers are hard to get and understand. We help to close this important gap. We offer free, easy-to-understand updates, making you a knowledgeable member of the health community. Our goal is to make the latest public health research easy to access and ready to use right away.

Custom Newsletters

We can develop custom research solutions for your team that provide ongoing monitoring of the topics and trends you care most about.

Maybe it substance abuse prevention strategies? Maybe it’s vaccination outreach? Maybe it’s health equity.

Whatever the case, our team at Layr Research can develop solutions that are right for you.

Special Projects

We also take on commissioned projects for specialized needs. For example, we’ve been able to apply our algorithms to grant applications, client interviews, blog posts, and more. If you are looking to make meaning of large amounts of text-based data, we can help you.

Reach out to us at projects@pubtrawlr.com for more information.

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