PubTrawlr into TecBridge Finals!

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Is time a flat circle?

On the one hand, yes, the PubTrawlr team with support from a ton of people I’ll enumerate in a future post, is back in the TecBridge Business Plan Competition!

On the other hand though, no. We’re in a much different place than 13ish months ago. Our design is cleaner and more user-friendly. Our retrieval process is magnitudes faster. Our visualizations are more intuitive and insightful. And we’ve got some customers who see the value in it all.

As much as the judges might *hate* to hear this, the most valuable thing for this entire process is being able to reflect deeply on our current status and get connected to mentors (and vendors) that can help us to move ahead.

Functional Connections

For example, a connection with Bill Leonard of Leonard Workforce Solutions led to him leading our search efforts to bring on a Chief Operating Officer (which, if you haven’t seen the announcement, check out below and feel free to share with others in your network)

We also got connected with Jeff Roth of Goosehead Insurance, who’s providing coverage for both us and our sister company Dawn Chorus.

And we’d be remiss to not bring up Don Webster, who has been a champion and a critical friend as we try to get this baby off the ground. So, yeah, it’s nice to be up for the prize, but it’s been nicer learning more about ways to improve PubTrawlr’s infrastructure in a way that sets us up for future success.

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