Our founder

Dr. Jonathan Scaccia, a renowned community psychologist and evaluator with over two decades of experience, stands at the forefront of transforming public health practices. His journey began with a deep-seated commitment to substance abuse counseling in North Philadelphia. Here, he realized the profound impact of community-based treatment, propelling him toward advanced studies at the University of South Carolina. Earning a Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology in 2014, his dissertation explored the intricate dynamics of organizational readiness in public health systems. His hands-on experience with policy development in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health complemented this academic pursuit, enhancing his expertise in public health system finance and quality.

Before his doctoral studies, Dr. Scaccia honed his skills in counseling psychology and human relations at Villanova University, culminating in a Master’s degree in 2008, where he was deeply involved in child and family behavioral health. This foundation was built upon a solid undergraduate background in psychology from the same university, marked by cum laude honors and a minor in Theology.

Dr. Scaccia’s current role as the Principal of The Dawn Chorus Group, since October 2018, showcases his remarkable ability to spearhead innovative public health initiatives. His work includes coordinating extensive vaccine equity programs and developing pioneering evaluation and research projects that cater to underserved communities. A notable achievement is his role as the Principal Investigator for two projects funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, reflecting his commitment to health equity and innovation.

In addition to The Dawn Chorus Group, Dr. Scaccia’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Layr Research, where he developed an AI-based tool to synthesize scientific abstracts, further demonstrating his expertise in merging technology with public health. This venture birthed the website “This Week In Public Health,” a testament to his dedication to making scientific information accessible and engaging.

Dr. Scaccia’s association with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as a faculty member since 2015, his contributions to the Finger Lakes Social Policy and Health Center since 2017, and his foundational work at The Wandersman Center, highlight his multifaceted role as an evaluator, researcher, and consultant. These roles have enabled him to influence a wide range of public health initiatives, from enhancing aging plans in hospitals to developing readiness measures for school safety.

His past experiences, including a significant role as a Senior Public Health Analyst at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and as an instructor at the University of South Carolina, have been instrumental in shaping his comprehensive understanding of public health challenges and solutions.

Throughout his career, Dr. Scaccia has consistently focused on bridging the gap between scientific research and practical implementation in community health settings. His commitment to this cause is evident in his leadership roles, including serving as Chair of the Board for Conexio Care and Coras Wellness, chair of the Global Implementation Society‘s 2024 International Conference, and his innovative approaches to integrating technology and community psychology,

Dr. Jonathan Scaccia is a visionary leader whose extensive background in community psychology, combined with his innovative approach to public health, makes him an invaluable asset in the field. His dedication to advancing community-wide health and wellness, through both his academic and professional endeavors, underscores his commitment to improving public health practices globally.